Sagas group

25th Anniversary


Recently, we are the Sagas Group, commemorated our 25th Anniversary along with friends, family, employees, and clients. The day was an important milestone in the Sagas journey since it symbolized 25 years of excellence in creating beautiful and memorable homes for our clients. It also marked the beginning of a very special journey, one that was started with a lot of hope, ambition, and dreams. Mr. L. Santha Kumar, our founder-director, graced this occasion with his family and friends, which made it all the more special and indelible. We were also thrilled and grateful to be joined by clients from all over the world who thought that it was important to be with us on this momentous and joyful day.





Sagas is known for its perfection, precision, timely delivery, excellent customer support, professional team, customization options, design variety, etc; the list is never ending and can go on. All these attributes have brought us to this stage in our journey and we hope, will take us forward for another 25 years from here on. All credits to this wonderful journey must be awarded to Mr. L. Santha Kumar whose vision, perseverance, and will to success has propelled the company forward. His astute decision making ability and a keen sense of business have been instrumental in achieving success. To add to this, the team of employees at Sagas are also some of the best in the field. Right from the handymen to the interior designers and decorators, all of us work with the same zeal, enthusiasm, and drive with just one goal in our minds – ultimate customer satisfaction at all costs. All of this together has given us the courage and confidence to face our challenges and revel in our joys, ultimately leading us to climb the ladder of success without looking back.

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